Physical and Chemical Properties

Chemical Name Chlorodifluoromethane
Chemical Formula CHCLF2
Molecular Weight 86.46 g/mol
Form Liquefied Gas
Color Colorless
Melting Point -160 °C (-256 °F)
Boiling PoinT at 1.013 -40.8 °C (-41.4 °F)
Vapor Pressure 21,470 hPa at 54.4 °C (129.9 °F)


Ametron® Refrigerants 22 is an HCFC refrigerant that operates with high pressure but low compressor displacement. Ametron® Refrigerants 22 is popular in residential, commercial and industrial applications. Ametron® Refrigerants 22 is also used as an intermediate to produce floropolymers and as a blowing agent in rigid foam applications.

In line with international agreements on the management of ozone-depleting chemicals, use of Ametron® Refrigerants 22 is progressively being phased out across the world. By 2010 most countries will no longer allow the production of Ametron® Refrigerants 22 for use in new air-conditioners. Moreover, the availability of the refrigerant to service those systems still using it will reduce and cease to exist as stocks are depleted.

Ametron® Refrigerants 410A will take the place of Ametron® Refrigerants 22 in most new air conditioners and to a lesser extent Ametron® Refrigerants 407C will also be used in some systems.


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