Physical and Chemical Properties

Chemical Name Difluoromethane (HFC-32),
Pentafluoroethane (HFC-125)
Chemical Formula CH2F2, CH2F2, CHF2CF3
Molecular Weight 72.6 g/mol
Appearance Clear, Colorless Liquid and Vapor
Odor Faint Ethereal Odor
Boiling Point -48.5°C (-55.4 °F)
Vapor Pressure 215.3 psia@ 21.1°C, 490.2 psia@ 54.4°C


Ametron®  Refrigerants 410A, developed by Ametron®  Refrigerants serves as the primary global replacement of ozone-depleting refrigerants in residential and commercial unitary air conditioners. R-410A is an azeotropic mixture of HFC-32 and HFC-125, with near-zero glide allowing for both predictable performance and easy handling and recycling. Millions of R-410A air conditioners have been sold around the world, and over 25 equipment manufacturers now offer R-410A options in their product line.

R-410A has significantly higher capacity and moderately higher operating pressure than R-22, making it a cost-effective replacement for R-22 in higher efficiency air conditioning and heat pump systems. In new unitary systems optimized for R-410A use with either scroll or reciprocating compressors, R-410A has been shown in tests to have a 5-to-6 percent higher Energy Efficiency Rating (EER) than R-22. The higher capacity also enables the design of smaller, more compact air-conditioning equipment.


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