Physical and Chemical Properties

Chemical Name Pentafluoroethane (R-125), 1,1,1-Trifluoroethane (R-143a)
Chemical Formula CHF2CF3/CH3CF3
Molecular Weight 98.9 g/mol
Form Liquefied Gas
Color Colorless
Critical Pressure 37.9 (Bar abs)
Critical Density 500 (Kg/m³)
Vapor Pressure 12.74 (Bar abs)


Ametron®  Refrigerants R-507 is an azeotropic mixture consisting of R-125 and R-143a. Their thermodynamic characteristics constitute the ideal replacement for R-502 in refrigeration sector at low and medium temperature. It is characterized by its chemical stability, its good thermodynamic properties and low toxicity. The main application is in low and medium temperatures for new installations.

There is also the possibility of converting an R-502 installation to R-507, by removing 95% of mineral oil or original alkyl benzene by polyolester oil. It is necessary to change the drier filter (molecular sieve XH9
recommended), replace the expansion valve by one of R-507 and oversizing the condenser. R-507 is a mixture of HFC refrigerants, which are not compatible with traditional lubricants working with R502. The only lubricant suitable to use is polyolester oil (POE).


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